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May 1, 2023

A. H.

This is my second rake. Used my first one last weekend and love it so much I'm ordering another!!

April 29, 2023

T. F.

This is our second rake!

April 12, 2022

A. N.

I found one on Amazon several years ago after researching for the Best Rake for pine needles. These two I'm buying are gifts for a couple of my friends. The rake is truly an AMAZING time saving tool!!!! Love it!

March 23, 2022

P. L.


July 19, 2021

S. B.

Hello Shirley, S. B. here wanted let you know got my rake today and I just wanted to say thank you. I am looking forward to using it this week as the rake and me are heading to the cabin for some rest and cooler air. Again thank you, to you and your husband for everything you all are super terrific people and my God bless you and your business. I look forward to sharing and showing off your rake hopefully I can send more business your way. I know I already sent one customer to you a D. B. (names are initialized for confidentiality.)

July 16, 2021

D. B.

I am looking forward to using it!

July 15, 2021

D. C.

We heard about your great rake from a family member.

July 15, 2021

J. S.

Everyone I know that has used one of these rakes LOVES them. Can I ask you wait until August 5th to ship the rake? I will be out of town, and don't want the package sitting on my front porch for weeks. Thanks

July 13, 2021

D. L. C.

My neighbor loves it. I borrowed their rake. Now I LOVE IT!

July 13, 2021

P. D.

My brother-in-law has one. I used his and needed one for myself. Thanks Warren and Shirley.

July 13, 2021

R. J.

We already have one. We are ordering 2 for our gardener. THEY ARE AWESOME! We tell everybody about this rake!

July 12, 2021

R. B.

Good Morning, I first want to compliment you on such a nice product.  A neighbor borrowed your hand rake from a neighbor who loaned me the RPM Handrake.  I have not ordered mine yet but soon will.  I am still cleaning all the lower branches off my Ponderosa Pine trees.  We all live on 5 acre lots in Franktown, CO.  I have tried different rakes and have searched for better rakes yet so far I have not found anything special.  Your Handrake works amazing with our longer needles from the ponderosa's.  

April 25, 2021

C. L.

Absolutely great rake. Found one on the side of the road, fixed it up and used it till we found the owner. He was happy to get it back and we were sorry to lose it!

April 21, 2021

M. L.

This rake is the bee's knees, best thing since sliced bread. Where has this been all my life? Just borrowed a rake from my neighbor because they are on back order and so many thanks to Clinton's mom Naomi who found this device and sent to to her son. Time saver, yes indeedy. I just cleared about 1200 sq. ft. in less than an hour and a half. Usually takes me 3 or mores hours. Should be the product of the year.

I called today to order 2 of your wonderful EZ Hand Rakes but now I would like to increase order to 3 each. Another neighbor drove by and saw it and said she has to have one also. So if you would please put me down for 3 each.  

September 27, 2020


Warren's rake saved so much labor, and time. I used it on the grounds at a Forest Service leased cabin at Lake Almanor, CA. Unfortunately, continually-rising, high yearly fees drove us from the place which had been in our family since 1942. But when we sold the place, I left the rake for the new owners.

July 8, 2020


I live in Montana and have a pretty decent size property. I have many pine trees that leave tons of pine needles. I had been researching pine needle rakes to help me clear my property when I stumbled on this rake. I ordered it and when I got it I was surprised at the quality. After using it I was even more surprised what a good job it did. It makes a very tuff job much easier and I can get done much faster. I would definitely recommend this rake.

June 25, 2020

Bill Y.

I bought my first RPM rake probably 8-9 years ago because I was tired of using a garden rake on the pine needles around our cabin at Lake Almanor. The amount of time and energy that the rake saved me was enormous. Using the rake to pull the pine needles out of the back of my truck at the green waste location made that job so much easier too. I thank Warren every time I take out the rake. I will be heading down to Collier's Hardware tomorrow to add the third one to the collection so that the grandkids can have as much fun as I do.

May 28, 2020

B. E.

One of the best investments I have made after the Camp Fire. It has made cleaning up the mess a lot easier.

May 26, 2020

S. R.

Received my rake today, thanks for the speedy delivery. Can not wait to show all my friends this wonderful tool. Hopefully you will get many more orders soon.

April 28, 2020


My wife and I are fire clearing a 2 acre lot in Mount Shasta and a neighbor brought one of your rakes for me to try and now I have to have one. He bought it at a home show some time ago. I can hardly wait to show all my friends and neighbors how well this rake works. Unbelievable!!! I am sure your sales will be going up real soon. Thank you very much for your time and for your invention.

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