Rake It, Pile It, Move It.

The ergonomically designed rake that will save up to 75% of your raking time.


Features & Benefits

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Quality Product
Made in the U.S.A.

The RPM EZ HAND RAKE™ might cost more than an average garden rake; however, in the long-run the cost savings, efficiency and effectiveness will pay for the rake itself. The EZ HAND RAKE is a quality product made in the U.S.A with military strength aluminum and features a handle made from American ash and patent designed tines to separate and rake debris without destroying vegetation.

Three in one Tool.
Rake It. Pile It. Move It.

A three in one tool, EZ HAND RAKE can rake, collect and dispose debris with one easy motion. Best of all, with its ergonomic design, EZ HAND RAKE will save your back from unnecessary strain and added pain. The EZ HAND RAKE makes any cleanup job easier, and is perfect for yard cleanup, landscape jobs, forestry and defensible space.

Check out all these features of the EZ HAND RAKE:

  • Never clogs
  • Works just as efficiently with either dry or wet needles.
  • Effective with raking debris on gravel and decorative rock without displacing gravel and rock.
  • Works as a pitchfork or thatching tool.
  • Picks up leaves along with the needles.
  • Quiet - you can hear birds while you work.
  • Stink-free - no gasoline exhaust.
  • Long handle, especially good for tall people.
  • Heat tempered tines are flexible.
  • 28-inch width allows for wide area cleaning.
  • Ergonomic design prevents back pain and unnecessary pressure on the hips.
  • Military grade aluminum for strength & lightness.
  • Great customer support - personal attention.
  • Online video tutorial.

How To Use The RPM Hand Rake



June 25, 2020

Bill Y.

Great rake!

March 23, 2022

P. L.

Best Rake

May 20, 2023

K. F.

Wife said to buy


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