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September 27, 2020


Warren's rake saved so much labor, and time. I used it on the grounds at a Forest Service leased cabin at Lake Almanor, CA. Unfortunately, continually-rising, high yearly fees drove us from the place which had been in our family since 1942. But when we sold the place, I left the rake for the new owners.

July 8, 2020


I live in Montana and have a pretty decent size property. I have many pine trees that leave tons of pine needles. I had been researching pine needle rakes to help me clear my property when I stumbled on this rake. I ordered it and when I got it I was surprised at the quality. After using it I was even more surprised what a good job it did. It makes a very tuff job much easier and I can get done much faster. I would definitely recommend this rake.

June 25, 2020

Bill Y.

I bought my first RPM rake probably 8-9 years ago because I was tired of using a garden rake on the pine needles around our cabin at Lake Almanor. The amount of time and energy that the rake saved me was enormous. Using the rake to pull the pine needles out of the back of my truck at the green waste location made that job so much easier too. I thank Warren every time I take out the rake. I will be heading down to Collier's Hardware tomorrow to add the third one to the collection so that the grandkids can have as much fun as I do.

May 28, 2020

B. E.

One of the best investments I have made after the Camp Fire. It has made cleaning up the mess a lot easier.

May 26, 2020

S. R.

Received my rake today, thanks for the speedy delivery. Can not wait to show all my friends this wonderful tool. Hopefully you will get many more orders soon.

April 28, 2020


My wife and I are fire clearing a 2 acre lot in Mount Shasta and a neighbor brought one of your rakes for me to try and now I have to have one. He bought it at a home show some time ago. I can hardly wait to show all my friends and neighbors how well this rake works. Unbelievable!!! I am sure your sales will be going up real soon. Thank you very much for your time and for your invention.

June 8, 2019

M.G. Freedom Dog Fences

"I spent a few days searching for a rake that would help me rake pine needles easier than the landscaping rake I've been using for 10 years. I bit the bullet even though I was skeptical about spending almost $100 (including shipping) for a rake.

The item shipped the same day I ordered and in two short days I had my new rake. Assembly was simple and I was ready to put this rake to the test. Worst case I was going to return it!

After putting it to the test it performed just as advertised. I am more than impressed with this product and it's worth every dollar. The time and energy I'll save is unbelievable. The rake is a little heavy but it's a good kind of heavy. It feels well-made and I think the weight helps it do its job.

I am satisfied with my purchase and would recommend this rake to anyone with pine needles!"

June 2, 2019

M. H.

"I was very satisfied with my purchase. I raked pine needles last year with a standard leaf rake and was constantly needing to unclog after every stroke and it took me forever just to go 10' around the house. With this rake I was able to rake large amounts at a time without needing to unclog the rake and I was able to do so much more in way less time. This year I raked the whole yard plus could have easily raked more. I really think this rake is pretty awesome and I will recommend it to anyone who needs to rake those pesky pine needles."

July 13, 2017


"Warren: Told you or Shirley I'd drop a note after I got to try my new rake out. It works GREAT!! In just 10 minutes of easy raking, I got a much bigger pile than using a conventional rake for 45 minutes with much more effort. I am VERY IMPRESSED. When my friend gets home from her convention I will let her try it.

I just have one little question, probably a stupid one, but then females can get away with asking them.....the little rubber yellow things on the end of each tine:

were they just to protect them in shipping, or are they supposed to stay on the tines? I kind of think they were to protect the sharp ends so they didn't go thru the box, but want to know for sure. Three of them came off during my 10-minute try out, & since you're the inventor, figured I better ask to be sure.

Thanks in advance for answering my question & for making a very useful product. Gail"

April 5, 2017

P. H.

"RPM Rake. I got a little brochure stating that it's lightning fast. I must admit, I was concerned with the window for the shipping. I was expecting to receive my purchase in one to two weeks, but my rake arrived in only two (2) days! The rake itself is the most effective tool I've ever handled for raking thatch, pine needles, and any debris caught up within bear-clover. Lightning fast indeed."

March 16, 2017


"A very well-built rake! It appears that it could outlast any warranty - no planned obsolescence."

June 17, 2016

G. P.

"WOW, just the rake I have been hunting for! Is this thing ever amazing...... within minutes it proved itself. Absolutely no clogging, very little effort and fantastic performance!!! If possible, I would give it 6 stars! At first, I "thought" the rake was a little heavy, however, it really is not, and the weight that it does have is what makes it less of an effort to complete the job."

June 9, 2016


"This thing is a beast on pine needles."


I am always highly skeptical of products on line but we moved up here where we have over a zillion pine needles on our .6 acre land & saw an ad for this MIRACLE rake & ordered it!!! It is a BEAST for sure & works fabulously!!' Does everything the ad claims & more!!! We have a lot of rocks & the regular rakes get caught on them making it even harder to rake up the needles, the BEAST goes right over the rocks while clearing out the needles. I even had the privilege of speaking to the inventor to let him know how much we love it & he was a delight for sure!!! We will highly recommend this rake to all we can!!'

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